The Secret Reason Why I Play Guitar

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Tune’s Toons – Why I Play Guitar

When I was growing up, my older siblings discovered drugs
Ha Ha Ha…
…[Nervous Laughter]…
…It’s not funny
So my parents moved us to the country in a desperate attempt to save their children
This did not work
Meanwhile we were building a house and living in a 20 foot travel trailer…
Yes, that’s us…
…Trailer Trash
I had no friends, no driver’s license, no life. There was an old guitar lying around so I picked it up
I taught myself a few chords and a few simple songs
I discovered my own magical freedom that comes when you put your heart and soul into those six strings
For the next 15 years I strummed that guitar as I watched our family go through meth hell
Now, the songs I write and record–in my makeshift studio–are an attempt to reconcile the undisclosed story of my family…
…an emotional story of prayer, faith, forgiveness, and recovery, which needs to be told…
…even if the audience is all but an empty room
That’s why, unlike a lot of popular music, songwriting for mass appeal has never been my aim
Playing guitar is more than that. My guitar reflects a sinner’s dependence upon divine mercy. My guitar attempts to figure out where I belong in this world. My guitar holds countless family stories, both sweet and sour
The truth is, my guitar is the only way I know to dig deep down and figure out what the hell this life is about
And now, just like I did in that travel trailer so many years ago as my family spiraled out of control, I continue to play on
And until I’ve figured out all there is to know in life, there will always be a song to play
Which makes me believe I’ll be playing my guitar for a long, long time