My first guitar got me through some tough times. My desperate parents, in an attempt to save their family from the hellish grasp of methamphetamine, had just moved us in to a 20 foot travel trailer. It was there that I taught myself a few simple chords. I was 12 years old.

For the next 10 years I strummed that guitar while witnessing the complete destruction of our small family. It was one thing to watch my brother lose his soul to meth, it was a compounded tragedy to see my sister’s sinister sequel.

The songs I write and record—in the backroom of my apartment—are an attempt to reconcile the undisclosed story of my family. An emotional story of prayer, faith and forgiveness which needs to be told…

…even if the audience is all but an empty room.

So as expected, songs posted on are unlike the mass-produced mainstream music on today’s country radio dials. Songwriting for popularity or even money has never been my aim. For me, music is the only way I know to dig deep down and figure out what the hell this life is about.

Mom and Dad raised us kids to believe in God’s love. They taught us the responsibility of personal agency and choosing the right. And above all else, they helped us understand the importance of family. The ongoing songs I produce on Moon’s Tunes is the story of my family.

Moon’s Tunes is the hope and expectations we once held which seemed to hover and then dissipate like the smoke from my brother’s first cigarette, which put him on a destructive path of addictions, “Vice”, and unrepentant defiance, best summed up in a song called “Broken Strings and 7th Chords.”

Moon’s Tunes is a sacred respect for genealogical traits of hard work and moral commitment passed down by a long line of beloved ancestors, who have since passed on but continue to live in our hearts and traditions. Songs like “What We Take to Our Grave”, “Treetops”, and “Here She Comes” speak to not only what we have to look forward to but also what we leave behind.

Moon’s Tunes is the hometown I was raised in, a small agriculture town along the Snake River canyon in Southern Idaho. Named after a dual waterfall on the river, Twin Falls can is best described by my songs “Where I Call Home” and “Dirt Lane Home”. The good will of friends and neighbors throughout my childhood inspired the song “County Coward.” The ingrained backwoods, redneck culture naturally produced “Neighbor From Hell.”

Moon’s Tunes is the soul of a sinner, struggling to become “Unaddicted” from forceful temptations in order to surrender worldly appetites to the will of God. A song like “Still Mama Prays” unveils the prayers of an unflinching mother, never giving up on a wayward child. And the liberating point of a sinner’s repentance can only be enjoyed by those who learn to unselfishly give their heart, mind, and soul to God, as in the song “Back on the Path.”

The story continues and I will always be working on a song because I know I will never completely figure out what this life is about. Most importantly, the songs on Moon’s Tunes, whatever their inspiration, are authentic, which is my one solid promise to followers of Moon’s Tunes: you will get authenticity at Moon’s Tunes. For better or for worse, my songs travel through the depths of hell, the struggles of life, and the glimpses of heaven. These real life stories are who I am today.

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